Apps Allow Meeting Attendees to Connect Before the Event

A hotel offering customizable, event-specific mobile apps to event planners has a competitive advantage over other venues. Not only does a mobile hotel app impress today’s business professionals who demand tech-savvy venues for their meetings, it enhances their entire experience, from the beginning to the end of the event. Even before the event begins, a mobile app allows users to connect with each other.

Before the meeting, attendees are invited to download the app. They can sign up for the meeting directly through the application and then use the many features to prepare for the event. When initially signing into the app, attendees will be given the option to sign in using their LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook profiles. The app will then tell them who in their network is also attending the meeting. They can then connect through the app and plan to meet up at the conference.


If someone in your network downloads the app after you, you will receive a push notification alerting that someone new from your network has joined the meeting. Push notifications are simply the messages that pop up on the screen of your smartphone. The hotel and event planner has the ability to control these notifications and customize the messages as necessary. This feature is also a way to generate buzz about the meeting ahead of time. Attendees will have to the option to post about the meeting on their social network profiles, potentially encouraging others in their network to go to the event.

Because of the app, attendees are already able to connect with each other in the Pre-Meeting stage. They can create new contacts, make plans to meet and even begin discussing the sessions they will attend all before they arrive at the hotel!