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Booking Through a Hotel App

Mobile apps have exploded in usage with travelers over the last few years. Mobile apps bring many advantages to travelers, like making the booking process easier and quicker, as well as making their stay more enjoyable by providing everything they need in the palm of their hands, literally. Mobile bookings continue to rise on mobile […]

Using Your App as a Marketing Tool

A hotel mobile app is not just about enhancing the experience while on property; it can also be used as a marketing tool during the guest’s research process. When guests are in the research phase of their planning their trip, they are likely to be using their mobile devices to research and book. In fact, […]

Using Hotel Mobile Apps for Guest Retention – Part 2

A hotel mobile app can help create guest loyalty in a numbers of ways; let’s start with check-in. A hotel mobile app can allow guests to check in remotely; remote check-in is nothing new, but giving them the option to download an app and check in shortly before arriving on property is sure to leave […]

Using Hotel Mobile Apps for Guest Retention – Part 4

Service requests are one of the most popular features available through a hotel app, and one that is sure to create loyalty. Guests can open up the app and make requests for everything from fresh towels to contacting the valet. Guests can simply lie in their comfortable bed and make requests directly through their smartphone […]