Upselling Food & Beverages to Guests Using an App (Part 2)


A benefit of people invariably carrying their smartphones around is the ability to target guests through geo-fencing. Geo-fencing uses a smartphone’s location to determine where a guest is on or off-property and sends them notifications based on where they are. Hotel apps can use geo-fencing to send different messages to guests moving about their properties or to guests who are getting close to the hotel. Geo-fencing can invite people close to arriving at the hotel to make a reservation or even order room service through the app for when they arrive. Read more

Upselling Food & Beverages to Guests Using an App (Part 1)


Personalized messages sent from the app to specific guests are key to successfully upselling products and services. Unlike other newer marketing channels such as Facebook and Twitter, which push messages out to everyone, the mobile app can target a more specific segment of guests. Mobile applications provide hoteliers with a totally new channel through which they can interact with their guests on a more personal level, which increases guest satisfaction and loyalty as well as hotel revenues. Personalizing marketing efforts drives revenues upwards because guests are more likely to respond.

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Promoting Your App

The hotel app can be used as an excellent promotional tool before a guest even knows about the property, further extending the added value that a hotel app brings to the table. Facebook advertising is a great example of this.  Facebook allows us to use very specific targeting criteria. In the case of a spa, we might target women within 25 miles of the spa who also like luxury brands and perhaps travel. We can then show them ads with the hotel app and encourage them to download it and explore the spa and its services. If they like what they see, then they can take the next step and schedule an appointment.

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Booking Spa Services Through a Mobile App

The hotel mobile app allows the guest to check-in remotely, offering additional utility and improving the guest experience. Once the guest arrives on property and checks in, whether at the front desk or through the mobile app, and gets settled in, they might find themselves browsing the hotel app looking for local attractions or things to do during their stay. In the app, they will notice a section for the spa, which details available services, prices, displays pictures and testimonials, among other items. This is a great way to showcase what the spa has to offer; in fact, a short overview video might be a great way to highlight your spa and its offerings.

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How Push Notifications Can Help Your Spa Segment

A lot of popular travel apps are focused on pre-arrival, but there is something to be said about mobile apps that offer guests utility while on-property. The big brands are really starting to capitalize on this, offering mobile apps that unlock rooms and can tell the valet to have your vehicle ready; they understand that guests are as mobile as ever and value the conveniences and mobile device can bring them.

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