Booking Spa Services Through a Mobile App

The hotel mobile app allows the guest to check-in remotely, offering additional utility and improving the guest experience. Once the guest arrives on property and checks in, whether at the front desk or through the mobile app, and gets settled in, they might find themselves browsing the hotel app looking for local attractions or things to do during their stay. In the app, they will notice a section for the spa, which details available services, prices, displays pictures and testimonials, among other items. This is a great way to showcase what the spa has to offer; in fact, a short overview video might be a great way to highlight your spa and its offerings.

Most importantly, the spa section of the hotel app allows guests to view spa availability and book a spa appointment with just a few clicks. More specifically, they will be able to look at a simple calendar, just like on a booking engine, and view all the available times that they can book a spa appointment during their stay. They will then be able to select the services they are interested in and book for a particular time slot; a message will be sent confirming their appointment. The guest could then select to charge the appointment to their room, and they can view their charged appointments and the associated costs in the app’s folio. This gives them the option of keeping track of all their charges wherever they go. These functions provide the guest great utility, which is the main goal of the hotel app.


But we can take the promotion of the spa one step further using geo-fencing, which allows us to tell where a guest is on property, or if they are off property at the moment. This great piece of functionality would allow you to send specific messages to people who are on or off property. For instance, if someone is off property, you might send a message about getting a massage when they return or if they are on property you are message might mention that now is a great time to get a massage.


These features are all about sending relevant messages at the best time, then enticing the guest to take an action and making that action easy by using the hotel app. By making it easy for guests to book a spa treatment, spa sales are likely to increase.