Building Guest Loyalty with a Mobile App

Staying top of mind in today’s cluttered world is a tough challenge, and that’s putting it lightly. So when a previous guest goes to book accommodations, you want to do everything to ensure that your property is the first choice.

This is where a mobile app comes into play. First, your previous guest will surely remember the great experience he or she had while on property, including the convenience and utility that your mobile app brought to him or her. After all, a mobile app literally puts everything you offer in the hands of the guest.

And, as is true with all mobile apps, each hotel or resort will hold a place in their customers’ tablet or smartphone in the form of an icon, which acts as an avatar that represents the property. These icons stay visible, as they take up residence in their customers’ electronic devices, so they at least occasionally scroll past that familiar image even with their next travel plans far off into the future. When it’s time to make travel plans again, the hotel’s mobile app might just get tapped for the job. It helps make each hotel more visible and memorable, even when there is no travel on the table.


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