Why Users Won’t Delete Your Mobile Meeting App

A mobile meeting app is beneficial to attendees, organizers, and hoteliers before and during the meeting. Once the meeting has wrapped up and attendees have flown back home, the app is still a useful tool worthy of space on their phones. All of the content from the meeting is uploaded to the app so they have access to slides that were shown and videos of the presentations. This information is incredibly valuable to the attendees because it provides them with resources to go back and review what they learned at the meeting. And because the app has value, they will not delete it from their smartphones. Read more

Improving the Hotel Guest Experience with a Mobile App

Improving the experience of your hotel guests is a key factor in improving loyalty and the overall rating from your guest. The question you should ask yourself is what you’re actively doing to improve that experience, from initial booking to check out. Since most people who travel for business or pleasure have enough discretionary income to purchase mobile technology, it’s likely that they are doing a majority of their travel shopping via tablets and smartphones.
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How To Spot Loyal App Users

You know how to spot a loyal guest; the person who knows your staffs names, has a preferred room and seat in your dining room, visits your hotel the same time every year, month or week and of course, leaves really great reviews on all the travel review sites. But, now that your hotel has a mobile app, how can you distinguish a loyal app user?

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