Case Study- OB Sports Golf Management

Group Application Utilizing Uplay Software

OB Sports Golf Management of Scottsdale, Arizona, came to Mobile Media Applications in January of 2012 looking to secure the latest mobile technology for their consortium of 41, United States based Golf Clubs.

Known for their comprehensive and personalized services since 1972, OB Sports has become widely acclaimed as the leader in boutique-style golf course management. Developing a mobile application was the next logical step for them to stay ahead of their competitors.

Through their mobile application, OB Sports sought to keep customers informed of options and benefits, create a more efficient way to book tee times, increase online traffic, attract a tech savvy customer base and adjust to customer needs by offering mobile booking and mobile information.

To reach all of these goals we incorporated specific mobile functionalities: An online booking engine and tap-to-call capability into the application for more efficient bookings, provide detailed course and facility information of all golf clubs to meet the customer need for mobile information, tap-to-share content with friends and social media integration to attract social and tech savvy customers and to increase online traffic many of these tabs lead back to their website.

To further customize their application, they also included information and services relating to each course’s frequent player programs, current vacation deals, packages and reservations at OB Sports properties via OB Sports Golf Vacations. Additional custom features include the ability for app users to enter contests and sweepstakes to win prizes, club-specific news feeds and real-time Twitter feeds.

Their app launched in the Apple App Store on April 1st and in the Android Market, Google Play on May 4th. OB Sports waited until both versions of their application were live to start marketing the app. Without any marketing efforts OB sports received 160 downloads. Starting the week of May 14th, OB Sports began marketing their app and saw substantial growth.

On May 16th they sent out a press release about the launch of their innovative application that was picked up by Golf Business Wire and Fairways and Greens, both prominent golf news websites. That same day they also sent an email to their list of golfers. In total for that week, OB Sports received an impressive 1,226 downloads from both markets.

Once they established an app clientele through the email and press release, OB Sports used the push functionality of their app to inform users about an upcoming contest. Through the push notification sent on May 23rd the contest received 60 entries in less than 10 minutes and 340 entries total.

*Update: As of June 2013, OB Sports has 3,529 downloads.

See below for a sample of the collateral used by OB Sports to market their application.


‘Fore’ Tips For Your Golf Application

How to drive satisfaction and increase convenience for your members.

“The pat on the back, the arm around the shoulder, the praise for what was done right and the sympathetic nod for what wasn’t are as much a part of golf as life itself.”
Gerald R. Ford

Do you agree with former president Ford? I certainly do. No matter what you are doing, it’s nice to receive praise when doing well and encouragement when doing not so well. Golf is a very temperamental game that takes years of practice before you are “good”, and a sympathetic nod could be the difference between quitting and persevering to greatness. The number one action you can take to drive satisfaction and increase convenience for your members is to give them that nod, but not necessarily with your head. The features and benefits of a mobile application can provide the same reassuring nods that the trainers can from the convenience of members’ smart phone.

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