Increasing Hotel App Downloads Tip #1: Offers and Incentives

With more than 102 billion apps downloaded in 2013 alone, it makes perfect sense that businesses in all industries will benefit from creating apps and promoting them to consumers; this is especially true for those in the hospitality industry. Mobile apps can provide guests with a wide range of advantages, but they’ll never reap these benefits if they fail to download the hotel’s app.
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How To Get More App Reviews

Every so often, it’s a real treat to check iTunes or Google Play and read good reviews for the apps we’ve developed.

We want all of our clients to see great reviews so I thought it would be beneficial to share some tips for how to ask guests to leave you reviews. Leaving advice on Trip Advisor and Yelp has become second nature to many tech savvy travelers, but since the app market is still relatively new, the majority of comments left are bad ones. That is one very important reason why asking for reviews can be beneficial to the success of your hotel mobile application.

One of the simplest and low cost ways to ask app users to leave reviews is to send them a push notification. All of our apps come standard with Push and it seriously only takes a minute or two to send. Push notifications can lead directly to the app store so reviews can be left or you can put a link to an online survey and do whatever you want with the data. Here are a few examples that would work well:

  • “We hope you enjoyed your stay with us. Did our app make a difference to your trip? Leave a review so future guests know how the app worked for you.”
  • “Did our app have an impact on your trip? Let us know, good or bad, and we’ll discount your next stay with us!”
  • “Which custom itinerary was your favorite?”
  • “Take our online survey and be entered to win a free stay!”

From the research I did before writing this post, I learned that the reasons most businesses do not receive reviews is because they either don’t ask for them or because they make the process too difficult. A chain restaurant could have marketing collateral requesting reviews all over the restaurant but if someone goes to Yelp to leave one they are bombarded with restaurants of the same name (for example, when I search Yelp for The Olive Garden, I see the 9 nearest to me). Here are a few ways to make leaving the review easier for your guests:

  • Provide a link directly to the iTunes store or Google Play.
  • Use QR codes in place or links (especially if your app utilizes the scan feature).
  • If your property has a computer for everyone to use, keep the site for leaving a review open and readily available.
  • If you know a guest that is checking in booked with your app, ask them upon check-in to review it after their stay.

You can also use any of the ideas above when you are implementing an online survey. An online survey will provide you with candid feedback that you can use when your trying to decide what changes need to be made to your app and the more positive comments can be show cased on your website or in an email to subscribers.

How To Spot Loyal App Users

You know how to spot a loyal guest; the person who knows your staffs names, has a preferred room and seat in your dining room, visits your hotel the same time every year, month or week and of course, leaves really great reviews on all the travel review sites. But, now that your hotel has a mobile app, how can you distinguish a loyal app user?

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