How Mobile Apps Can Help Hoteliers Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is truly a broad term, but we have to remember that its ultimate goal is to connect people in one way or another through technology. This could be connecting with old friends or simply sharing your latest selfie. But the growth and usage of social media was hindered by the lack of mobility in technology. You would only be able to use Friendster when it first launched from your desktop computer for instance.

It wasn’t until technology became mobile, more specifically the advent of the smartphone, that really helped social media take off. Mobile devices gave consumers the possibility of taking their social networking anywhere they go; it brought true utility to social media.
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A Brief History of Social Media

The beginnings of social media are up for debate. Most people see it as Mark Zuckerberg’s creation in February of 2004 in his Harvard dorm room. But we can actually go all the way back to 1992, when Tripod launched an online community that helped connect college students and young adults.
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