What the iPhone has replaced in the hospitality industry

With an ever-changing market place, it’s the norm to look towards the future and plan your hotel marketing strategies, but it’s also sometimes necessary to look back. How did the marketing landscape become what it is today? Skeleton keys and rotary phones weren’t always things of the past; they used to be the most modern convenience a hotel could offer. The iPhone has quietly been taking over for the last few years and creating a seamless integration between the booking process and the “enjoying your vacation” process. Take a look at these three ways that the iPhone has replaced a function in the hospitality industry.

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Boutique Hotels Can Benefit from a Mobile App

Think hotel mobile applications are just for big chains and OTAs? Think again. Lets talk about all the great ways a hotel mobile app can benefit a smaller boutique property.

After reading a well-written piece by Amanda MacArthur about hotel marketing for boutique hotels, I realized that every expert tip she gave could be put into action through a hotel mobile application.

The article is from this time last year, but the main objectives still stand true. Lets take a look.

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Crisis Averted

Using your mobile app to avoid a critical situation

Late last week a travel warning from the Bureau of consular affairs was issued that U.S. citizens are advised not to travel to Somalia. This advisory was actually an update on the warning from August of 2011 and it got me thinking. What about the people who don’t check for travel warnings before a trip, or more specifically, what about people who don’t follow the State Department of Travel on Twitter (which is how I found out about the travel warning)?

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How to use online tools in an offline situation

Yes, I am aware that my title is a contradiction, but hear me out.

Consumers have been hearing for years about how airlines are going to start offering in flight internet and how all the cell phone carriers are putting up towers to create better service. But what if they aren’t delivering?

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