How Push Notifications Can Help Your Spa Segment

A lot of popular travel apps are focused on pre-arrival, but there is something to be said about mobile apps that offer guests utility while on-property. The big brands are really starting to capitalize on this, offering mobile apps that unlock rooms and can tell the valet to have your vehicle ready; they understand that guests are as mobile as ever and value the conveniences and mobile device can bring them.

Spas come to mind as a segment that could really benefit from the use of mobile apps while guests are on-property. A hotel mobile app can provide a lot of utility here through various functions, particularly by using push notifications. Push notifications are simply messages that are displayed on a guest’s phone, and something the hotel would be able to control and target.


For instance, if the guest books using the hotel app, then we are able to identify certain things about that guest and use it to our advantage. As an example, if we know that a guest is arriving on property for a romantic weekend, then we can send a push notification, or message, to the guest before they arrive and offer discounted spa services.


Another scenario might be if the guest booked a spa appointment in advance, this would be a great time to send them a push notification reminding them of their appointment. Even better, it would be a great time to upsell on some other services. For instance, if we know they are coming in for a massage, why not send a push notification asking if they would like to add another 30 minutes to their massage to make it an hour. Maybe their coming in for a pedicure and you offer to add a manicure as well. Again, the guest can book these additional services directly through the hotel app, providing them great utility and convenience while providing additional value for the property.


By personalizing a message and ensuring the right guest sees it, push notifications make it easy to market your spa and even upsell to guests!