How To Market Your App To Guests During Their Stay- Part 2

Although the time before arrival is crucial to the success of your app, the time while guests are on property is undeniably the most important time for you and your staff to increase downloads. While guests are on property your hotel and local attractions are the number one thing on their mind and its your app that will provide all of that useful information. This blog post covers the more “newer” forms of on property hotel marketing.

Room Key Card- If your property has 100 rooms and maintains 60% occupancy, that translates to your room keys or key cards being viewed almost 30,000 times a month. This medium is a great place to advertise your app. There are multiple ways to utilize this medium effectively. Printing a QR code directly onto key cards is a great way to lead guests to your app. An even more effective way to increase downloads using this medium is by offering an incentive for downloading the app. Offering an incentive creates a sense of exclusivity for your current guests and, furthermore, placing a time limit on the offer conveys a sense of urgency to download your app immediately to redeem the offer. QR codes and exclusive specials can also be tracked and measured to determine how effective each strategy is.

Charging Station- The latest in airport luxuries, many airlines are offering universal charging stations for their passengers. You just put your phone down on the charging pad and it automatically syncs and charges. These have received very positive feedback from flyers and the next logical step is for hotels to begin offering them in the lobby and business center (those are going to be your heavy traffic areas where testing the pilot program will work well). A tent card talking about your app would be a great marketing material for near these charging stations because they work best with smart phones and those are the guests your app will be available for.

nametagStaff- Your employees are your most important marketing tools. Its very important for your employees to understand the features and benefits of your hotel mobile application so they can pass the knowledge onto the guests that they so often interact with. We recommend a QR code on your employees’ nametag or on their business cards so the guests they interact with have easy opportunities to download. We provide live web trainings to all of our clients that go over the features and benefits of a mobile application; if your hotel would like to participate please email us with when it would be convenient for your employees. We can also give the training and send your employees the recording for future reference.

If you would like more information about marketing your hotel mobile app please email us.

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