How To Market Your App To Guests During Their Stay- Part 1

Although the time before arrival is crucial to the success of your app, the time while guests are on property is undeniably the most important time for you and your staff to increase downloads. While guests are on property your hotel and local attractions are the number one thing on their mind and its your app that will provide all of that useful information. This blog post covers the more traditional forms of on property hotel marketing.

In Room Tent Cards- If placed in the right area, these can be hard to miss and are a great way to communicate your app message to a captive audience. A great way to use in-room tent cards is to inform guests that they can make room service requests and additional request within the app. Use a QR code to allow easy downloading. You can also list all of the amenities and services that are available within your application that is there to enhance the guest’s experience. Using a QR code also makes this piece of collateral track able so you can compare which mediums worked best for you and your hotel.seaside brochure

Brochure & Check-in stuffer- If you are creating other print collateral most of the copy will be written and the pictures chosen, why not turn that collateral into a brochure or check-in stuffer that can be used all around your hotel? If your hotel participates in paid rack brochure placements, they can be used here too. Check-in stuffers are very effective marketing tools because your guest will immediately see them upon check in.

Resort Map- Although an app can help cut down on printed informative resort information, a resort map is a great way to market your app. If your app includes your on property amenities (restaurant, spa, golf course) you can put a QR code on the map that leads directly to that section of the app once downloaded. If your resort map shows nearby activities you can have a QR code lead to your things to do and itineraries section as well. Guests who feel they are gaining something from downloading your app will be more likely to use your app.

lobby posterRetractable Banner- This type of visual marketing is versatile and a great way to grab attention in any area of your hotel. You can use a retractable banner in the lobby, in the conference center, or even take it on the road to a tradeshow or sales event. The flexibility of a retractable banner makes it a smart choice financially. The message printed on your retractable banner may vary based on its location. For example, you may use an introductory and welcoming message if the banner will most often be displayed in the lobby, promoting your app as a virtual concierge service. However if the retractable banner will be specific to a location such as near a spa, restaurant or golf clubhouse, you may choose to promote incentives and features of the app relating to those areas. For example, you may want to let golfers know they can book tee times using your app, offer spa-goers the convenience of scheduling a spa service directly, or tell potential diners they can make a quick and easy table reservation using your app.

Lobby Poster- Similar to a retractable banner in your lobby, this type of print advertising can be used to broadcast an introductory and welcoming message about your app as a virtual concierge service. Inform guests that your app can help them make the most of their stay – whether for business or pleasure – and briefly describe some of the benefits and features it offers. You could even use the lobby poster to display a testimonial from an app user, such as an image and quote from someone who downloaded your app and used its custom itinerary feature to locate fun things to do in the area.

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