How To Spot Loyal App Users

You know how to spot a loyal guest; the person who knows your staffs names, has a preferred room and seat in your dining room, visits your hotel the same time every year, month or week and of course, leaves really great reviews on all the travel review sites. But, now that your hotel has a mobile app, how can you distinguish a loyal app user?

The most effective way to spot loyal app users is to have a protocol in place for monitoring app users. When someone books a room using your hotel mobile app you should keep an excel spreadsheet with their name, room preference, device used and the date. As you continue to acquire more app users over time this spreadsheet will become a vital tool for revenue generation.

Keeping track of the guests’ names is a good idea because as mobile reservations come in you can add other stays to that person’s line if they book more than once. Tracking their room preference is also important because if the mobile user turns into a return guest, having their preferred room available will add value to their stay.

You may be wondering why the device used matters; lets take a look at some statistics. 26% of apps are used only once after being downloaded and that number goes down to 21% if you are only considering iOS users. If you see from your spreadsheet that a user has booked mobiley twice and is using an iPhone, that could be a factor behind why they use your app often, iOS users tend to be much more attached to their phones and use their apps more often.

The date is another important factor because you may see spikes or lulls in mobile bookings. Your app could get a lot of mobile bookings during the winter, but very few in the summer, by keeping track you can go back and plan push campaigns to try and increase mobile bookings during the slower times.

Once you have started tracking your mobile bookings you can plan marketing campaigns, push messages and even on property events to coincide with what the guests want. Depending on what you find during your monitoring there are countless ways to increase mobile bookings. Here are a few:

  • If your hotel receives a lot of mobile bookings the same week as an annual town event, send a push message offering special pricing
  • If you see that a majority of your mobile bookings come from iOS devices, offer a charging station in your lobby and send a push notification to announce it
  • If a person is booking mobiley multiple times, send them an email or direct mail piece with special “loyalty” rewards
If you would like to learn more about how to spot loyal app users please take a look at our previous post, How to track and analyze app download behavior and get more downloads from it.


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