Improving the Hotel Guest Experience with a Mobile App

Improving the experience of your hotel guests is a key factor in improving loyalty and the overall rating from your guest. The question you should ask yourself is what you’re actively doing to improve that experience, from initial booking to check out. Since most people who travel for business or pleasure have enough discretionary income to purchase mobile technology, it’s likely that they are doing a majority of their travel shopping via tablets and smartphones.

Statistics back up this supposition. In May of 2011, 35% of users owned smartphones; by February of 2012, it was 46%. In May of 2013, smartphone use had escalated to 56% and is still climbing. Mobile devices are expected to account for 30% of all U.S. travel bookings by 2017, and tablet users tend to spend about 50% more online than desktop users. Positioning your hotel business to interact with these tech-savvy customers is critical. Using mobile technology, you can put your brand at your customers’ fingertips on a regular basis.

Here at Mobile Media Applications, we can create mobile applications for hotels and resorts focused on growing your business. A mobile app from Mobile Media Applications can help your hotel improve the guest experience from start to finish. Using our Ustay+ platform, you can provide your guests a seamless booking experience that’s faster than traditional online booking methods. Best of all, Ustay+ allows you to skip OTA fees and reduce booking fees. The experience only gets better from here. Guests can use the app to check in remotely, and once on property, he or she can use the app to find local restaurants or shops. Guests can also receive special notifications or offers through segmented push notifications.

We’ll help you personalize your guests’ experiences, and make their hotel stay memorable, so much that they will want to return to experience it again, bringing friends and family with them.

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