Planning for a Meeting Using a Mobile App

Customized mobile apps for large meetings are valuable resources for hotels, events planners, and meeting attendees. Before the event, attendees can connect with each other and they can utilize the app to prepare for the meeting.

Rather than waiting until they arrive at the meeting to get a heavy bag stuffed with booklets, pamphlets, and papers, attendees can see all of the information on their smartphones ahead of time. Printing enough booklets for everyone in attendance is a huge cost in the event planner’s budget. However, the mobile app replaces the cumbersome printed booklets and pamphlets, reducing the cost of printing materials for the event and making it easier for the attendee to carry the information. Creating a mobile app can actually be a cheaper option than printed booklets! Additionally, the lesser need for paper products may tie in with an organization’s goals to become more ‘green’ and eco-friendly.


Attendees can read guest speakers’ short biographies, watch videos, and navigate an interactive event map. Downloading the app allows attendees to plan accordingly for the event. They can view the agenda and favorite the sessions they would like to attend, creating their own personal schedule. The app allows attendees to arrive at the event fully informed and prepared for the upcoming sessions.


The app can also detail the amenities that will be present at the event such as seating charts for sessions and available food options. Should an event require attendees to sign-up for a session in advance, they can do so through the app. This feature gives meeting planners an accurate head count for the meeting in general or for specific sessions.


A venue offering an app that enhances the experience even before the event begins gives that venue a competitive advantage. It’s easier and more convenient for attendees to carry their smartphones than a bulky, over-stuffed bag of meeting materials and can actually be cheaper for event planners! Attendees appreciate being able to plan out their time before arriving and planners enjoy knowing who will be attending which sessions.