Promoting Your App

The hotel app can be used as an excellent promotional tool before a guest even knows about the property, further extending the added value that a hotel app brings to the table. Facebook advertising is a great example of this.  Facebook allows us to use very specific targeting criteria. In the case of a spa, we might target women within 25 miles of the spa who also like luxury brands and perhaps travel. We can then show them ads with the hotel app and encourage them to download it and explore the spa and its services. If they like what they see, then they can take the next step and schedule an appointment.

If they do not schedule an appointment, they have at least downloaded the app on their phone, which allows the spa to send them push notifications. These push notifications, or messages, can include promotions like specials at the spa.


We can also use Facebook to target our main demographic: say families with young children for example. When scrolling through her newsfeed, a mom sees an ad for our hotel app and decides to download it. She flicks through the app and because it’s so easy, books a room!


We can also promote the app through a Google search. If someone is searching for a spa and is on a mobile device, we can show them an ad on a Google search encouraging the user to download and explore the hotel app, which includes a section for the spa.  We can also use Google searches to target a certain location. We can set the ad to appear when people from Florida search for hotels in our location if we know many of our guests live in Florida.


These are both great ways to extend the reach of the hotel app beyond the confirmed guest list and add value to the property’s bottom line.