Ustay+ is a superb mobile booking tool and a guest-facing app like no other



The benefits to your hotel and your guests are substantial. With Ustay+, you can:

Avoid OTA fees, thanks to native mobile booking

Allow guests to book up to 75% faster than online

Send personalized mobile messages, including special rates and other promotions, to loyal returning guests

Provide more convenient check-in – guests can check in remotely and the key can be waiting when they arrive

This is just the beginning. Check out the complete list of features and benefits.


Real-time Booking On the Go »

Ustay+ integrates directly with your Property Management System. This makes booking a room from anywhere seamless, simple and convenient. Guests don’t need to visit your desktop website to make a reservation – they can execute real-time reservations and cancelations within the app.

Push Notifications »

Ustay+ lets you easily send push notifications to drive sales and reward customer loyalty.

Available for iOS & Android »

Built for both leading operating systems, the app is accessible to all your guests around the world.

New Reservation Confirmation »

Guests can check upcoming reservations within the app by confirmation number, name of guest, or name of hotel. They also receive an email confirmation.

Unlimited Languages »

Expand your communications programs and connect with guests in any language.


Hotel benefits: new ways to connect with guests and maximize your marketing »

  • Track app reservations through your PMS and gauge your return on investment. The app will show up as a new channel for measurement on your monthly revenue report.
  • Fill last minute vacancies by using push notification to alert guests to deals and then direct them to book within the app. Serve up unused inventory in real time to maximize bookings.
  • Track and measure customer behavior through an analytics dashboard that keeps you informed and aware.
  • Control your mobile app content with our intuitive Content Management System. The Ustay+ CMS makes it easy to update photos, specials and upcoming events to keep your content fresh and your customers coming back.

Guest benefits: new ways to streamline their travel routines »

  • Make reservations on the fly, right through the app, quickly and easily.
  • Cancel reservations hassle-free. No need to call the hotel or get online – cancellations are simply done through the app.
  • Get confirmation within the app so your reservation status is never in doubt.
  •  Receive exclusive deals through push notifications that reward their loyalty and inspire spontaneous travel.
  •  View trip plans by viewing upcoming reservations that are all stored within the app.

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