Upselling Food & Beverages to Guests Using an App (Part 1)


Personalized messages sent from the app to specific guests are key to successfully upselling products and services. Unlike other newer marketing channels such as Facebook and Twitter, which push messages out to everyone, the mobile app can target a more specific segment of guests. Mobile applications provide hoteliers with a totally new channel through which they can interact with their guests on a more personal level, which increases guest satisfaction and loyalty as well as hotel revenues. Personalizing marketing efforts drives revenues upwards because guests are more likely to respond.


Mobile apps facilitate sending personalized messages to guests through push segmentation. This technology allows the hotel to segment guests in many ways and send push notifications only to a certain selection of guests, ensuring the messages guests receive are personalized. Push segmentation provides endless opportunities to interact with a subset of guests. These interactions are meaningful and effective because the segmentation basis ensures that the messages are relevant to the guests.


A hotel can use push segmentation to target guests on property, those expected to arrive that day, or guests traveling with children. Push segmentation can be leveraged to wish someone a Happy Birthday, invite couples celebrating an anniversary to book a romantic dinner, or welcome a young family to have lunch at the resort’s snack bar. It can even be used to alert guests who are on-property of the restaurant’s dinner specials that evening, hopefully piquing interest and driving business. The possibilities are as diverse and unique as your guests!


Push segmentation is beneficial when targeting guests who have not yet arrived. The app can notify guests of available tables in the hotel’s restaurant and invite them to book a table. Upon receiving the push notification, guests realize they can book a reservation within the app. They open the application, easily and quickly enter their information and within seconds, a confirmation of their reservation saves in the app. The push notification feature of mobile apps subtly upsells the hotel’s restaurant simply by reminding guests of it and allowing them to easily reserve a table.


Personalizing messages through push segmentation provides opportunities to upsell to guests that don’t exist elsewhere. Since people carry their smartphones with them at all times, the guests are sure to see your notifications and are likely to respond to the personalized messages you send them.