Why Users Won’t Delete Your Mobile Meeting App

A mobile meeting app is beneficial to attendees, organizers, and hoteliers before and during the meeting. Once the meeting has wrapped up and attendees have flown back home, the app is still a useful tool worthy of space on their phones. All of the content from the meeting is uploaded to the app so they have access to slides that were shown and videos of the presentations. This information is incredibly valuable to the attendees because it provides them with resources to go back and review what they learned at the meeting. And because the app has value, they will not delete it from their smartphones.

In the post-meeting stage, the social function of the app still ads value to the attendee. If someone thinks of another question or discussion point after reviewing the content, they have the ability to directly interact with the speaker. Like commenting on a blog post, an attendee can ask a question and the speaker can answer it directly, but all other app users can see the interaction, benefiting from the knowledge shared. Other app users can even favorite a question to signal to the speaker that multiple people have the same question.

The meeting planner finds post-event value in the review tools and statistic reports. At the conclusion of the event, attendees are sent a push notification inviting them to provide feedback. The survey inquires about the venue, the speakers, and the overall event. The hotel benefits from the information provided here and the meeting planners can use the survey responses when planning the meeting the next year. App users can also share reviews of the conference on their social networks, generating buzz about the event. Someone who did not attend the meeting this year may read reviews from his or her colleagues and decide to attend the next year.

Long after the conference has passed, attendees will still be impressed with the event and the hotel. An app that is worthy of space on their smartphones creates long-lasting impressions in the minds of today’s business professionals.